Eve In The Style Of...

Eve Atari Wallpaper
The Eve logo in the style of Atari
Last evening was odd. I found myself with a strange hour or so of time in which I couldn't do much. The boys were waiting to go to Boy Scouts, I was waiting on a phone call, our realtor kept calling with updates on the house sale (don't ask), and whatnot. So I had these little islands of time on my hands, five/ten minutes at a stretch. So I did what I often do and made something up for myself to do.

Why not re-imagine the Eve logo in the style of other video games and companies?

The hard part is that the word "Eve" is only three letters. Even the combined words "Eve Online" don't really lend themselves easily to other logos. So obviously some license would have to be taken.

Some work better than others.

And some don't really work at all.

And some work really well.

I think I got that out of my system. Back to normal now. Whatever that is.

I'm having issues with stopping...

I have a call-back job interview in an hour... more waiting.


  1. Omg please make more of them and provide them as Downloads if possible. Thats reall great!


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