Hauling Thoughts

So about a month ago CCP asked the players for ideas for more player segments to air during the o7Show. I actually have a few ideas I've had laying around, but all of them take ::effort:: and I'm a really busy Rixx. So I tried to think of something that would be super easy and super dumb all at the same time. Oh, and also short. Which led me to remember a segment that Saturday Night Live used to air called "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy".

I've been spending a lot of time moving my stuff and the corps stuff the past few weeks to our new home in my Providence. This takes a ton of time and gives me way to much time to think.

So the idea was to take the spirit of Jack Handy and see if I could translate it into the Eve universe. This was more of a writing challenge for me. It took some work to get into the proper mind-set to start writing twisted, dumb, but smart tidbits of philosophy sounding things based in New Eden. I made a rule for myself, all of them had to be from the character's perspective, not from the player's. These had to be things that the characters themselves might think inside of New Eden.

So I finally had about 10 or 12 of them written and I made a template in Premier, 4 templates each with a different racial background, found some music and made two of them, and sent them off to CCP. The response was incredibly positive and they actually aired one of the two today on the o7Show!

I have about 30 of them written now. And yes, they are all as dumb as the first one. Actually, some of much dumber. I hope you enjoy them and they continue using them on the show.

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