Logos Updated

Here are all the ones I've done so far. I had this idea pop into my brain the other day looking at the EA Sports logo. EA is not that different from EVE and I can still remember thinking, I wonder what that would look like as an actual Eve Online logo? Since then its been whatever pops into my brain. These are like little snacks between long stretches of editing car commercials. The only two that have taken more than five or ten minutes have been the Ninetendo64 and WoW versions, those took more like fifteen minutes to finish.

Also remember you are only seeing the ones that work. I did an NFL Eve logo the other day that turned out terrible. So you won't be seeing that one. Some ideas just don't work.  And some, like the Kojima Valykrie logo, turn out to be more than just a simple joke.



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    1. Amazing to me how many people struggled with that one. Its the most "clever" one and isn't immediately obvious I suppose.

  2. I'm still a kid. Love the Eve Pixar

  3. The Atari Logo for the win!


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