The Shadow Series

The Envoy by Rixx Javix
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The Mission by Rixx Javix

Like I didn't already have enough to keep me busy I had to go and create a whole new series idea! I call this one "Shadow" and the idea came to me last week looking at some photos a friend of mine did. He is a professional photographer and he sends me images every so often, these just happened to be of several Lotus sports cars. They reminded me of those mostly black, highlight sports car posters. And I started to wonder what that style would look like with Eve spaceships instead of sports cars.

I ended up going in a different direction ultimately, but that was the genesis of the idea. I always strive to interject a sense of story or setting or implied meaning into my work. A poetry if you will. I can only hope that comes thru. I find the inky blackness of space hauntingly gorgeous and I think the concept of covering our ships in it to be potentially immense.

We shall see. Either way, I hope you enjoy.  It can also just be a purty picture.


  1. so real...avesome !

  2. You know what's funny... those images are darker and more dramatic than the actual EVE scenery and the shiny nebulas everywhere.

    Space is dark and peppered with stars. I wonder how would look New Eden with such backgrounds...

    1. looking at the 'sunny' side of your ship in true space, it is very stark. space is dark. From the darkside, your ship is damn near invisible. I agree that I'd like to see Eve have some area of space like that. The Lore rationale as to why it doesn't look like that is that we're seeing augmented visuals through remote cameras.

      Kerbal Space Program can get pretty stark, when your ship goes behind a planet or moon. Its at those times, when you're trying to dock in shadows, that you're happy you planned ahead and put lights on your ships.

  3. I really, really wish our colour wide format printer did dark colours well. I'd probably bankrupt our firm using up all our supplies . . .


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