Theomachy Event

On August 27th on the Singularity server, Eve players can participate in Theomachy!

Theomachy is a Battle Royale event that will see participants transported in their implant free pods into an arena full of ships, mods and other items for the taking. With the help of CCP, this event is designed for maximum carnage.

The arena itself is littered with ships and loot cans scattered around the beacons of the arena. Some ships are decently fit some not so much. Every hull has multiple variations and all basic fits are designed for lower sp players without implants or max fitting skills.

They have billions in prizes thanks to our sponsors and CCP they are able to provide a prize pool for the top 40 participants as well as 28 Achievements that can be earned in the event.

The rules are very simple, you are only eliminated when you are podded and all celestials are off limits and off grid safes are disallowed. No matter how many ships you die in, you can still remain as long as you keep your pod intact. To promote early blood shed and as much fun as possible, no podding of players is permitted in the first few minutes of the event and no beacons will have bubbles.

Registration is currently open and there are plenty of slots remaining, if we happen to fill our slots, we do have a waiting list if possible. Streaming and commentary for the event will be handled by Eve NT as well.

The website is

This event sounds like a blast and I am planning to attend if I can. Hope to see you there.


  1. Yay! I thought this was another 'if only' post, boss. Will hope to be there


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