Full Metal Valkyrie

Full Metal Valkyrie Poster
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Just having some fun with helmets.

Some people seem to be struggling with this one. First of all this is not a recreation of the famous Full Metal Jacket movie poster. Recently another artist (Orlando Arocena) did two poster recreations for Star Wars Rogue One that are very, very good. But they were recreations and tried to capture the exact spirit of the original posters from the Stanley Kubrick film. I could have gone in that direction, but considering that he had already done it, it felt like I would be copying.

So instead I decided to do an original version using the iconic film posters as inspiration. As anyone who has been following me knows, I've been using the Valkyrie helmet recently in other pieces. Including the recent Avatar that won the forum contest. I think it is extremely beautiful and iconic. So it seemed like a natural place to start. So I painted one. For me, that was really the point of this exercise. But I also wanted to create a poster with the image and I'd had the Full Metal Jacket idea in my head for about three months now. So I created my own original poster intentionally using iconic FMJ elements, like the font, "Born" helmet scrawl, and peace sign, but also incorporating new elements as well.

It is certainly supposed to remind you of Full Metal Jacket. But it is, I believe, also able to live on its own merits. As always, it is art, so feel free to have your own opinions about it. The intentions of the artist are only one interpretation. Once loosed into the world, art takes on its own numerous meanings.