Steel City Eve - Pittsburgh Player Meet

On August 20th my wife and I will be hosting the first ever Steel City Eve player meet here in often beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And you are invited to attend! You can find all the details over on our Eve Meet page: HERE

We've never done this before, so we decided to make it as easy on ourselves as possible. We've rented a large pavilion in North Park that can serve rain or shine. There is plenty to do in the Park, from boating, zip-lines, tennis, and much more. We have the pavilion all day and a liquor license. The event is intended to be a relaxing, day long hang out with Eve players. Suitable for the entire family. We don't have any scheduled events, or presentations, or notable devs showing up. This is our first event and hopefully won't be our last. And heck, I'll be there! What more do you need?

I do have a nice selection of Eve swag from CCP Guard to give away. And I've made some one-of-a-kind pieces to make the day even more better. The image above is a Limited Edition Event Poster and only 50 of them will ever be made. They, and a few other surprises, will be given out to the first fifty attendees. And yes, I will be around to sign yours if you'd like.

If you live in the area consider stopping by for a bit, or hanging out with us all day. We'll have food, games, and you can bring whatever drinks you'd like. Or whoever. Or whatever. The idea is to relax and enjoy some good company.

We hope to see you there.

PS: It is also my 50th birthday!


  1. Ye Gods, I wish I could attend. Next year . . .

  2. This makes me sad... I really want to come, but have no mon. No mon, no fun... :(

    1. I understand that, hopefully things will be different next year. For both of us!

  3. Huh, Didn't know you were a 'burg guy. Steeler fan, and Eve player from Baltimore here. Hopefully this becomes a "thing" I welcome an excuse to trek -see what I did there- on out the 'burg.


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