Steel City Eve: This Saturday

In only a few short days my wife and I will be hosting our first ever Eve meet. Steel City Eve will be an all day gathering at beautiful North Park here in Pittsburgh. We've never done anything like this before, at least with Eve. In the past I've had several employee events and I've certainly helped to create more than a dozen charity events, client events, and even one cross-country motorcycle event - but I only imagined and directed those. For each of them there was a larger team involved. This sucker is all us.

We have no idea what we are doing. And we knew that when we made the decision to do it last year. So we've tried to keep it simple stupid. Since we have no idea how many people may or may not show up, we avoided renting a place that would require some knowledge about numbers. The building at North Park can easily handle several hundred people if need be, but also be a great spot for a dozen people to hang out. There are also lots of activities in the Park itself, so we're not on the hook to provide abundant entertainment. We can essentially let the event run itself.

Which doesn't mean we don't have things to do. CCP Guard was good enough to provide some juicy Eve swag and I've thrown in a few pieces of my own. In addition I created a Limited Edition poster (see the header) that the first 50 attendees will be getting their hands on. As well as a few surprises I'm not going to mention ahead of time. I wanted everyone that attended to have something to take away from the event. If we have more than 50 attend? Well then, they can take their chances in the swag raffle.

Mostly though, we just wanted a great day hanging out with our Eve friends. Hopefully the weather will cooperate (looking good so far!) and give us a beautiful Summer day at the Park.

The only criteria for success is that everyone have a good time. If it ends up being me and a handful of Eve nerds hanging out and getting drunk and playing horseshoes for twelve hours - then so be it.

Its my birthday after all.