4 to 1 Odds

Show your support!!

We might be 4-1 odds against in our first match with Shadow Cartel tomorrow (and rightly so) but that hasn't dampened our spirits! We know we are Underdogs and we embrace that as part and parcel of our position in New Eden, we always have. Stay Frosty especially has been underdogs since the day we were formed and war decc'd over and over again by our friendly neighbors. Heck, there are people in SC that still believe I faked logs from an incident that happened over FOUR YEARS ago.

So yeah, used to being underdogs.

In the meantime we're having fun. And win or lose won't change that. My good friend Stickelback's wife made him this today, which he shared in our Slack channel:

Whatever happens tomorrow we'll have fun. And that is what ABA has always been about.

Keep the courage.