Eve Perspective Illustrations

Eve Perspective: Hawks
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For the past several weeks I've been trying out some new techniques, refining some old ones, and generally enjoying having my own home studio for the first time in my career. A real, honest to goodness studio and not a corner in a cramped extra bedroom.

During those moments I started to notice something in my drawings, an interesting symmetry that started to reveal itself to me. I've always enjoyed being able to look at things in new and interesting ways and I've rubbed against some of this previously in my Art Print series from time to time. But what if I went further with it? Pushed the envelope a bit and tried to pull something new and unique out of these amazing spaceships?

I'll be releasing more in the near future, but these don't happen quickly, so I'll do the best I can. Be patient.

In the meantime, please consider supporting my Patreon. It is a huge help when it comes to setting aside time to work on Eve projects and even a few dollars a month adds up. It truly does mean a lot and is a constant source of inspiration for me. Thanks.