After Hours Podcast Archive

The After Hours Podcast is something that I am very proud of. I spent years considering a podcast of my own, but real life and other projects always seemed to come first. In addition I just couldn't quite figure out an angle that interested me. As I've said before, I've always enjoyed everyone's podcast and I listen to almost all of them pretty regularly. It was difficult to imagine a niche that wasn't already being serviced.

So why not create a "Inside the Actors Studio" late-night talk show style podcast and invite people that I find interesting to come share their stories? Once the idea had landed in my brain it felt perfect. It's hard to believe that I've done 13 episodes of it already. I've talked with CCP Fozzie, Gabriel Cassata, CrazyKinux, Niden, CCP PointyBits, LennyKravitz2 (A week before the banhammers hit!) and many more. And it doesn't feel like I've even started to scratch the surface of my ever-changing and evolving list. I'd love to get The Mittani on someday, or Sully. (Both of which have been reached out to thru various means btw.) But until then I already have more episodes lined up.

You can catch all of the past episodes over on Crossing Zebras on their podcast page.

And now I'm also going to start archiving each episode over on my YouTube Channel.

I have three up already with more coming soon.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and become a regular listener. My intention is to not only talk with Eve community members but to also branch out into other related fields as well. This community is rife with amazing people who have stories to share. I can't wait to talk to them all.