The Inspection

Shadow Series: Inspection
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You can see the entire Shadow Series at this link.

To me there is something truly majestic about Eve spaceships rendered against the inky blackness of space. Stripped of the nebula and stars that dominate screenshots from the game itself and presented in a more "realistic" space environment, stark, cold and dark. In such a setting the ships themselves seem to come to life and the true dangers of space seem to seep into the image. 

Whatever it is, I like it. And I'll probably keep doing these for awhile longer. I'll give you a glimpse into the process that goes into the idea for a new one. Over the weekend, between AT matches, I finished work on a piece that featured the Naga. You can see that piece here.  In order to create that piece I had a ton of Naga reference on hand. As I often do, I began to think about the ship and its role in New Eden. Not so much from the players perspective, but from the rest of the universe. It reminds me, from certain angles, of the Sulaco from Aliens. A troop carrier, planetary assault craft maybe? Military for sure. And then I thought perhaps the Caldari Navy uses Naga-class vessels to patrol the Empire. And maybe one of the roles those patrols have is to inspect the new player-built stations that are suddenly popping up all over the place.

Each Shadow Series piece has a story of its own. The one I had in mind when I created it and the one that it evokes in the viewer. I hope that they inspire their own stories in your mind. And that you enjoy them as much as I have in creating them.

Which is your favorite?

Keep the courage.


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