Blood Raider Cruor

Blood Raider Cruor Vector Illustration
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More purty pictures as promised.

Nothing going on out here in real life. Nothing to talk about at all. I didn't spend all day yesterday applying for every single job I could find. I wouldn't do that. As we all know I am above the petty concerns of normal mortals and I could have just "gotten a job" at any time during the last two years. So I didn't do that. I'm also not in the final stages of negotiation on a full-time Marketing Director position either. So no reason to get all excited about that potential news we should know about tomorrow. Like I said, nothing going on out here. Just wasting time drawing spaceships. Like I do.

Moar pictures less words!


  1. Fingers crossed for ya (for luck)

    1. Thank you! My fingers have been crossed so long they are turning black. lol

  2. More fingers crossed!

  3. Double finger crossed and gangsta stance.


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