Frosty Fables of Fecundity

• Congratulations to Stay Frosty pilot (and good friend) Cervantes Marovinjun for becoming the #1 pilot of all-time in the infamous Succubus!  1,049 kills! That is an amazing feat and worthy of celebration. Well done my friend.

• Due to Cerv's achievement Stay Frosty is the #2 Corporation for the Succubus. Turns out Stay Frosty is popping into many of the top ten rankings, we're #5 in the Comet for example. Which is amazing to me since we're so much younger than say Tuskers or Shadow Cartel, just as an example. Stay Frosty will be 4 years old in May. They grow up so fast.

• Stay Frosty recruitment is ALWAYS OPEN. Except sometimes during times of War (but not usually) and the Alliance Tournament. Join the EVEOGANDA or The Frosty Hammer channel.

• Yesterday a Tristan kept running from me. Not unusual and I had heard the same in Fleet chat, but I thought I'd try anyway. He was obviously stabbed. So I docked up and grabbed the ship that Fozzie built for me, the Maulus Navy Issue. I just took the regular one, not the one with faction scram. So 16k scram range. I land at 17k and he warps off. I have many sayings and words of wisdom when it comes to Eve, but one that is always true is, "Always count on Stupid." So I just sat there and waited. Sure enough in a few minutes Mister WCS lands back in the large plex right on top of me, scram death follows. Turns out he had THREE WCS on his Tristan.

• Dumb can also apply to me sometimes. Or in this case just rotten luck really. I jumped into system and warped to a Large Plex to help Cerv potentially engage a small gang of Frigates. Unfortunately it took a minute to register that a Bifrost had jumped into system behind me. Yeah, just as that thought had finally formed in my brain he landed right next to me. With his buddy the Worm. Needless to say I went boom.

• I can't remember the last time I flew a Cynabal. So yesterday I flew one against a Scythe Fleet Issue and a Ospery Navy Issue who were together, with great success. I may have to start flying it more often.

• Methea Selenis led Stay Frosty last month with 590 kills (590(10.00b)-98(1.48b)87.11% Eff) Which is just insane. Methea has been tearing it up in LowSec last year and has become a pilot to be reckoned with. I could not possibly be more proud. Congratulations and well done Methea. I can't wait to see what records you break next.

• I had several people hit me up in local yesterday, which is always awesome. Thanks for the well-wishes and the words of support. They do mean a lot and while I can't always answer you, just know that I do (almost) always see them. Even if sometimes a corpmate has to copy and paste them into chat for me.

• I know this flies in the face of all the haters out there, but last year I had more time to play Eve than I've ever had... and yet I played it less than I ever have. There a four or five months last year when I didn't even log-in. I hope to avoid that this coming year and be more active in-game, as well as out. Fingers crossed.

I'll leave you with this. Random dude convos me yesterday. Him, "Are you GalMil?"  Me, "Nope, I'm Pirate Lord of LowSec"

My lands are where my dead lie buried.


  1. I actually never payed attention to ship ranking... SF is #6 using Tormentors and I have 20% of those kills. \o/

    1. I didn't even know they had them until this.

  2. Nice work Cerv
    Even though I dont play anymore I keep coming back here for news of you guys. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves.
    I didnt know zkillboard could track ship kills. here is one more little ship with frosty on the top places :-)

    Keep up on the explosion
    have a happy new year
    see ya

    Reed Tannid


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