After Hours with Jim Halescott

After Hours with Rixx Javix Season 2 Episode 2 with Jim Halescott is now available!

Jim is the recently former CEO of the Thieves Guild and we talk about his activities before and how he got started in the life of stealing other player's hard-earned assets, and why he recently decided to step away from playing Eve.  Join us for another interesting conversation.

You can also listen and subscribe to After Hours on iTunes now. That's right, ALL New episodes are available to stream on iTunes Podcasts, just search for "After Hours with Rixx Javix" and boom! I'll be adding last season's Episodes as well.

I hope you enjoy and will join me next time.


  1. Good show.

    If I may offer one point of criticism, you need to have an end to the show! I mean, you have a tremendous opening, but where's the wrap up and (whatever its called opposite of an intro).

    1. Funny you say that, was just thinking the same thing.

  2. Hail to the Chief! I'm BACK flying again, by the way! Giving this transmission a listen right now. Excellent start!

  3. WTB downloadable link, pls... otherwise looking forward to listening to S2


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