Five in a Row

Eve sure can keep a Pirate Lord humble. Over the last few days I've lost five fights in a row. I'm not counting that Cyno ship I popped on station, that was just reflex. So I thought I'd be totally fair and talk a bit about each one. Just so my readers don't start thinking that I only talk about the good stuff that happens. Lol. Like anyone thinks that.

Firetail Vs Hecate
I knew I'd probably lose this one, but nothing gets the courage up like two hours of having people run away from you and avoid fights they probably could have won. Heck I had a Thorax run away from me not ten minutes before this fight. I did guess correctly that he would be blaster fitted and took the correct steps. And at first it was obvious he had the wrong ammo loaded, so things started off well for me. He quickly re-loaded to better ammo and things took a turn for the worse. However, I will give myself props for "almost" killing him, the fight was pretty damn close. Sadly however, I fat figured this one at the end. That is what I call it when my huge man fingers hit the approach key-stroke instead of the overheat prop mod key-stroke. I went boom.

Comet Vs Algos
If I fight 10 Algos with this Comet I'll win 9 of them. This just happened to be the one that I lost. Good fight and it was yet another close one. This one just came down to the things these fights always come down to. No mistakes, just a properly fitted and flown Algos. Which is rare in Low Sec. So all the credit goes to the other pilot on this one.

Slasher Vs Punisher/Firetail
I should know better. But again, another loooong stretch without a fight. Horse is a dishonorable pilot that likes to hang out and bait pilots into engaging, and then his partner(s) show up to save him. Usually in ships that are totally inappropriate to the fight. At least this time his partner didn't show up in a Battleship (which happens) or a Recon (also happens) or something else totally silly (which also happens).

Cynabal Vs Cynabal
I totally blame myself for this one. I should have known he'd be Artie fit from the way he'd been hanging around waiting to score some easy Frig kills. But I figured I'd get a good landing from the Probes and instead I landed right in his range. He was overheating away from the Probe ship and I landed right in his range. I could have warped away, but my Corp mates landed behind me and I didn't want them to get blapped. I go boom.

Breacher Vs Merlin/Rook
Nothing much to say about this one. Recon trap. The Rook got me jammed faster than I could get drones on him. So I just exploded. His name has been noted though, so I hope he decides to come back and try this crap again. I have several surprises fitted up now. Please come back.

Anyhoo. I freely admit that I get frustrated sometimes. But I set out to play Rixx straight thru and that is what I am going to do. So I have to take the good with the bad that comes with doing that. And I'm fine with it for the most part. I have plenty of ships to lose. Like any other streak this one will come to an end sooner or later. Until it happens again. And then the cycle will just keep repeating over and over again.

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

Until next time.