Reminder to Self

Sometimes I forget that people actually read Eveoganda. Lots of people. Including the ones I was talking about in my last post regarding their cowardly Recon Trap. And that, maybe, they might be waiting for me with an additional complication. So reminder to myself to maintain OpSec.

The funny part is just how rare it is for me to fly anything even close to being "blingy". The reason this happened was a few weeks ago these two faction scrams fell into my lap. The only other Lachesis I've ever lost was way back in April 2014 from a Vargur we had tackled in Isho. I once solo'd a Lachesis with a Svipul.  zKill is so much fun to look thru for random stats. I've killed 26 Combat Recon Ships and lost 13 of them now. Not bad. 8 of those 13 were Curses.

The adventure continues.


  1. Ugh... look at you - three sensor boosters to counter that ECM. I feel you pain.

    Almost 6000 kills - nice!

    I have nowhere near the amounts of kills/losses/experience you have - i.e. I am an insignificant noob/threat - yet people feel the need to bring falcons, rooks, blackbirds and griffins to fights they have the numbers and SP to win anyway.

    No such thing as a fair fight!

    The kill mail may not tell the whole story though - were you solo or did you have some help as well? By the looks of it you had a friendly cruor spring your trap? - then got trapped in return, hence the OpSec reminder?

    1. Yes, I had the Cruor go in first to tank the Merlin, then I came in to kill the Rook. Sadly they had read my prior post and had a Lachesis of their own in there to boost their own sensor strength. Good play by them.

      I am no fan of ECM which is why we tried to spring the trap to drive away the Rook bait in local. So I feel your pain. Nothing worse than being perma-jammed and slowly watching your ship die without a counter. All I can say is it affects all of us, no matter skill level, and just hang in there and learn as much as you can. It is generally possible to avoid them.

  2. Hahaha damn... karma's a bitch!

    Unfortunately I had just logged, but our corp tangled with these guys (sance the Lachesis) got one of us:

    But then justice ensued:

    Guess we have to now look out for the Lachesis in future!!!


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