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The Ship Without Fear

I don't get to play much these days. Between work, the house, three kids (and all of their special needs), finding time to play is tough. I generally can eek out an hour or so some evenings and on weekends. But the evenings are USTZ and Low Sec is pretty sparse for the most part. Add to that the huge red -10 skull hovering over my name and it can be challenging to find fights. Not complaining here, just saying. I long ago gave up on my original goals inside of Eve and have slowly transformed those into new ones. My goals these days do not have anything to do with becoming a great solo pilot, or amassing a large number of kills, or anything like that. My goals are to run Stay Frosty as well as I can, have fun when in space, and try to help my Alliance do well in the Alliance Tournament. The rest will take care of itself.

So this week I went 4-1. I've recently realized how dependent I've become on the Comet (which I love) as my go-to general purpose roaming ship. So I've started forcing myself to fly other ships. I must mention that in a typical hour or so of flying I will often fly 7-8 different ships normally. So I don't ONLY fly the Comet, it's just that I get more fights flying the Comet. Make sense?

So I undocked one of my trusty Daredevils the other day, all my Daredevils are named Murdock (they always have been, its tradition) and went looking for a fight. As you can imagine most people ran away. Things were slow so I stopped into a Novice plex and waited. Sure enough eventually two pilots decided they could take me. A Tormentor and a Condor. Together they may have had a better chance, but for some strange reason they came at me pretty much one at a time. The Condor arrived before the Tormentor exploded, but just barely. Then the Condor died soon after. Good fights were given and I even said something about "trying". One of the pilots was very upset, apparently he felt that two T1 Frigates should have beaten my faction fitted Daredevil. I tried to give them some advice, but you never know if they really listen or not.

Another night Varaga and I were running around in Firetails. Which must be extremely scary to people, since we scared everyone away with them. Eventually we discovered a pilot in a Daredevil, which I correctly assumed would be blaster fit, and he came at me outside a gate. He died. I don't think he even landed a single blow. Scram kiters are not kind to small blaster ships. But thanks for the faction shield extender! Much appreciated.

And then tonight I went roaming in an Incursus. They other night I had a very interesting fight against another Incursus. We went toe to toe for what had to be at least ten minutes. Eventually I only had one cap charger left so I had to disengage. That was fun, you forget how tough this little ship can be with dual-reps. As I discovered tonight however, its tank is no good against a Socket Closure! Right smack in the middle of this fight. Oh well, at least I got my pod out safely. I name my pods, "They Got Me!" for the ride home. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I think it's funny.

There was a couple of Thrashers around tonight. So I undocked a Thorax to see if they would engage me. But they ran off. On the way home a Comet landed on station with me. A red Comet. So I started shooting him (duh!). I haven't flown a Thorax in a while, so I was a tad rusty in it. And he wasn't dying, and he was killing my drones. I actually got down into deep armor and a few red spaces into structure before he finally popped. Tansy was nice enough to undock behind me in a Caracal just in case I needed back-up, or revenge. I didn't. But I did warn him to warp his pod away, which he ignored to his own peril.

So that was my week of adventures in Eve this week. What will the weekend hold?

Let's undock and find out.


  1. Daredevil seems a not great choice for a polarised fit. Given time he should have been able to get on top of you once you're webbed.


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