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At Zero Shadow Wallpaper
Just finished this one today

With the recent interest in this series I've determined within myself to attempt to capture as much of the moments that make New Eden special as I can. So I'm open to suggestions from you, my readers, have I forgotten something? Is there a moment in space that relates to your favorite game-play that I have yet to capture? Let me know in the comments.

Just be aware that I will be translating those moments into my own interpretation of them. You say mining and I say two Retrievers undocking from an Industrial complex. You say PvP and I say two two ships meeting at zero at the Sun. That is, after all, part of the artistic process. Lots of people take screenshots, and many do an exceptionally good job of it, but this series is not that. And I happen to be a huge fan of screenshots. Eve is beautiful in so many ways. There is room for a wide variety of interpretations. Goodness knows I've spent a tremendous amount of time and energy on enough of them over the years.

I have hesitated to portray large fleet battles in this series on purpose. My thoughts are to keep these as intimate as possible, which is why they are anticipatory of events, evocative instead of explanatory. If that makes sense. I want you the viewer to have the space to engage your own imagination into each story that is being told in these images. I know I do that. And I hope you do as well.

Anyway, enough artist talk. If you have any ideas, because I certainly can't think of everything, let me know in the comments.


  1. 1) That "Oh hell" feeling when you're warping somewhere and as you cross the 10k distance threshhold, you see a blob of red waiting for you . . .

    2) The paranoia in WH space when you are unsure if that wormhole flash was someone leaving that you didn't see or is it inbound

    3) The combat shakes. I don't know if you still get them from a 1 on 1 (especially an unexpected encounter) but the intensity of the encounter can sometimes leave my physically unable to play for a few minutes after one of the capsules warps away. I have no idea how you'd interpret this (if it can easily be done, as you'd be trying to capture pilot's reaction, not just the ship's.)

    1. I still get the after fight shakes when it has been a good fight, or a close one, or one that was especially difficult. Would be difficult to convey in art, but worth trying. Good suggestions

  2. OK... see if you can do this one;
    A Hurricane, or a 2 or 3 man gang, sittin' at "0" on a wormhole...
    Capture the moment a medium, 4 to 8 man gang de-cloaks, having just jumped through...

    This is a snippet from this memory...
    "So, we head back home… now we are all clapping each other on the back and in a great mood as you can well expect, we jump the hole out to lowsec, warp to the hole we have to transit back to our static low and on jumping in... we land right in the middle of a bright RED fleet sitting on the other side of the hole.

    Oh fuck...

    Now I say bright RED I don’t mean Russians... I mean every ship in that fleet, at a guess easily 10 or more ships, I say guess ‘cause I was a wee bit freaked out (you should have heard comms LOL!!)… they were all flashy red... -10 sec status..."

    From my post: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home from the Ganking..."

  3. The moment when you kill the enemy ship, just as his fleet is landing. You are burning away in structure, with the fleet locking you up, and you hear “warp drive active” woohoo!


  4. One of the nice things about Another Lonely Haul is how it captures something more profound than the specifics of the picture. You feel the solitude and it's that feeling that makes the piece haunting. You might try for something almost exactly the opposite - Companionship. The only way I can think to get at that is one of those situations where a buddy could warp out and save himself but he doesn't claiming, more or less, "We live together and we die together. Today, we die together."

    1. Yeah Ive been trying to figure out how to convey that. My attempts so far have resulted in mostly, "Oh look, a bunch of ships on screen" - so I'll keep trying.

    2. Maybe a burning Logi still pumping out reps? The title would have to do a lot of the work. "Devotion" perhaps?


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