Pew Pew Roundup

When it comes right down to it, Eve is all about the Pew Pew. Good fights, gate camps, blobs, bait, and derps - all of it amounts to a never ceasing quest to come out on top. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. If you can stay ahead of the bear, even barely(!), you can build some traction to becoming a decent pilot in this crazy ass universe of ours. This is the goal, to git gud and stop sucking. Lol. It's a journey, not a destination. That journey is often crushing, rarely rewarding, and it destroys most players along the way. I've been doing it for nine years now. I've lost my mind obviously.

Misunderstanding "Safe Spot"
I jump the gate and lo and behold a Nereus is 157k off the gate in the distance. Slowly moving away from the gate at about 100m/s. I'm in my AB Incursus of Doom, so what does the Pirate Lord do? He slowly boats on out there to see what is up. It took forever. The funny part is how many ships transferred in and out of the gate while I was doing this, anyone of which could have tried to kill me. But no one did. I expected the transport to warp off when I got close, but it didn't. And it exploded. And I got almost all of the loot. I blew up the wreck so no one else could have what was left. And yes, I also podded the guy. People have to learn.

PL Firetail
I was explaining to my corpmate NanoSpirit how awesome my Incursus is and he just didn't believe me. I've been flying the same T1 Frigate for three weeks now and it just won't die. It has 12 final blow killmarks on it and probably another 12 kills on its record. That's when I saw the Firetail in the Novice. The funny part about these fights is that usually the other pilot could just leave anytime they want, and some do (I miss a lot of kills in this ship), but surprisingly a lot of them don't. I imagine that the other pilots can't accept the fact that this little Incursus won't die. Such was the case with this Firetail, he escaped my scram several times but refused to leave. Eventually I got tired and Nanospirit came in with his Comet to finish him off.

Blaster Comets
Just in case you think I'm making it up about the Incursus, here is me soloing a Blaster Comet with it. And this isn't the only example, I've done it twice now with that exact same ship. Now obviously a Rail Comet would be a difficult challenge, but luckily no one but me and Stay Frosty seem to fly the far superior version of this ship. People are infatuated with the raw dps of the blaster Comet failing to realize that it sucks in most situations. Like against an Incursus.

Blaster Daredevil
Another ship with a very small engagement envelope is the Blaster Daredevil. Once again the Rail version is far superior and with a much larger engagement envelope and yet people still mainly fly the higher dps sucky blaster version. Which is easily countered by a lot of ships, like my scram kiting Firetail. Which, remember, is only "kiting" from about 7,500m away. A rail DD would've killed me quickly. Plus, the loot fairy hates me sometimes, the faction web didn't drop.

Gila Go Boom
I deserved this death. Not only had I mindlessly killed a poor defenseless Venture out of boredom moments before, but I had also seen the bait trap a mile away - and still fell for it. This is why I do not bling fit my Gila - they have zero low GTFO ability. In the Pirate trade you learn to bling fit the ships with good GTFO ability and solid fit the doomed ones. Once I was caught I was doomed. And I have no one to blame other than myself. Always count on stoopid.

The Old Sacrilege
Years ago when I was between corporations I used to camp a system by myself with Sacrileges. I have 377 kills in the ship, third highest of all ships. Back then someone once gave me ten of them. I have three of those left. But I don't fly the ship very often anymore, mostly because of changes to the game the fit isn't as good as it once was. So the other night, out of boredom, I decided to undock one of them and fly around until someone killed it. Luckily I happened on this Myrmidon and ended up killing it instead. It was good to see that the Old Sac still has life in it after almost seven years.

And those are just a few of my recent adventures. Come join us in Stay Frosty and make your own stories of adventure. Low Sec is best Sec and you have the freedom to do whatever the Hell makes you happy. Pew Pew wise. Yarrr!

See you in space.


  1. Will you take a moment to explain to an old fool how a firetail even dual webbed kites out a daredevil? Does it rely on killing him in the space of time it takes to get into blaster range? Tracking disruption? Or?

    1. Dual Web armor rep tanked Firetail with Arties. The dual web holds the other ship at arm's length in what we call "Scram Kite" range (about 6,500-7,500m) which is outside optimal for his blasters. So you still take dps and you have to be on your toes watching for him to try and slingshot you, etc.

      Here is the exact fit:

      It helps to overheat the guns and the repper, so watch they don't toast out. But usually the blaster DD is dead before they do.

    2. I get all that... but dual web still < 90% web of the DD - I thought the DD would still have range control? Or is the delta in the respective speeds now such that that the DD does not get close enough in time?

    3. Obviously you wouldn't want to land at zero on any ship that is blaster fitted, that would be an extremely challenging start to any engagement. You want the DD coming to you so you can start the fight on your terms. So that has a lot to do with your potential success. As does the relative skill of each pilot involved. But yes, essentially your dual webs slow the DD down enough that you should win the fight before he closes the engagement in his favor. Again, this requires some OH management and some skill in trying to maintain a favorable profile for your Arties to maximize alpha.

  2. The DD in this engagement fit MWD, whereas the Firetail fit AB. I haven't done the precise math in a while, but I believe most 90% webbed AB fits are still faster than most dual webbed and scrammed MWD fits, which are essentially dual-webbed non-prop-mod ships.


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