Someone in Stay Frosty made this clip from JudgeSarn's stream yesterday. Due to a mix-up in local, I ended up fighting his Stabber with an old Moa I had laying around. In predictable fashion it exploded. But luckily NanoSpirit was able to catch him in his own Moa and garner some revenge for me. So it all ended well.

The Moa is #48 (30 kills) on my all-time ships list for good reason, I just don't fly them very often. But I appreciate the kind comments from JudgeSarn on his stream and I'm always willing to provide a good fight when I can. So thanks for that. It is an interesting play-style the Judge has, certainly not for me, but you have to appreciate the balls-to-the-wall approach. Just when I start to think maybe I should tone down my own go for broke style of PvP, someone else shows me a little perspective.


I also got the chance yesterday to undock my Rattlesnake in anger. NanoSpirit got a BNI to aggress on our station and we undocked to take care of it. I love the Rattlesnake but I don't fly it very often for obvious reasons. A couple of weeks ago I used it to run a Rogue Swarm site as bait, but that didn't work because no one came to kill it and I ended up finishing the site! Which might be the first time I've finished a site in Eve... like ever! Or at least in the last six or seven years.

The Rattlesnake is part of a group of ships I keep in my hangar for a variety of CEO operations. The Rattlesnake, a couple of Machs, a few Bhaalgorns, and some other ships (opsec) that I keep around for when they are needed. Mostly I use them for show, sorta like the old days when countries would sail their Battleships into a local port to show the locals who was boss. Except in my case each one is ready to die if necessary. These are not for show. None of my ships are. They will die in a fire if need be. But they do require a bit more consideration because they draw a lot of attention. And there is no need for them to get hot-dropped.

Anyway, it was fun to undock it and explode something with it. I had forgotten how awesome the sound of a Heavy Missile launcher is. Don't use those on much these days.


Earlier in the day we had a nice five man roam in Dessies. I took another weird ship along that has been gathering dust - a Heretic. What I discovered is that no one wants to fight it, as everyone pretty much ran away. I imagine that most people were frantically clicking their "Show Info" windows to figure out what a Heretic even is! You never really see them in Low Sec anymore. I can't remember the last time I have. Which reminds me, I should fit up a Flycatcher.

We had a fun roam, but we didn't get any kills. Our poor scout died though.


Stay Frosty sits at 98,931 total kills as I write this. In a couple of short weeks we will pass 100,000 kills. Which for any Pirate Corporation is truly a landmark to be celebrated. I was a member of The Tuskers when we passed 100k kills and I can still remember being proud of it. I'll have to think of something fun to do to celebrate.

48,797 of those kills are Solo by the way. (49%) Which is the highest percentage of solo I can find among any comparable Pirate groups in New Eden.

Yes, I am very proud of my fellow Stay Frosty pilots. They are pretty damn awesome.


Fly Bold.


  1. Both Heretics and Flycatchers are pretty popular in the AT in a competitive slot (4 points). They also can enter Small plexes which Svipuls no longer can. Might be interesting to roam for content as they can get into fights that people might not even realise.

    Sorry I've not been on much, hope to see you in game soon, my Eve mojo is just not regenerating. I think I need a player meet or something.

    1. No worries. Breaks are good for the soul. Come back when you are ready. That has always been my advice.


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