Eve is Dying Form

The Eve Is Dying Report
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Yesterday morning I was grabbing some breakfast and noticed this paper on our refrigerator that I don't remember seeing before. Just some school notice or something, the front wasn't important - but the back was. It was some joke office complaint form and it sparked a thought. What if there was a form for reporting the constant and never-ending noise that is "Eve is Dying"?

I'm posting it here for archive purposes.

I still haven't figured out my schedule. There just doesn't seem to be time in the day to post regularly anymore. I will keep looking.


  1. Hrmm, that really isn't so much "EVE is Dying" as a variation on the standard butt-hurt report form that has been circulating for year.

    example: http://evedarklord.blogspot.com/2013/10/butthurt-reporting-form.html

    "EVE is Dying" would be less about "somebody shot at me in space" and more about things like:
    -OMG! Have you seen the PCU?
    -Bots are killing EVE!
    -CCP is diverting resources to dumb ideas!
    -Alphas are ruining the game!
    -The latest patch totally favors ______
    -High Sec
    -Null Sec
    -Care Bears
    -WH Space
    -Low Sec (option never before selected)

  2. You guys remind me of global warming deniers, living in Houston or Miami. Nope, nothing wrong here, as the water creeps up around their ankles, then knees, then neck.


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