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A commenter on my last post wanted to know where my ISK comes from. That is a legit question and I realize I may not have addressed this recently. Eve is nothing if not an opportunity to tell the same stories over and over again. The other night I had to explain what World War Bee was. The Eve community is constantly changing and new people are being added all the time. Like that poor guy last night who asked me for a 1v1 in our Atrons. You gotta love 'em.

Way back in 2009 I started doing work for the Alliance I was a part of at the time. I've been a professional creative and marketer for over thirty years, so it was a natural extension to me. Once I started seeing propaganda in-game and out, I quickly started grasping the potential for it. As well as learning the impact and uses for the "meta" game in Eve. I asked around and learned that exchanging art services for in-game ISK was allowed. I haven't had to PvE since that day.

100% of my in-game currency comes from the work I do for the Eve community. There isn't a major Alliance, group, website, news service, player meet, or community project that I probably haven't done something for in the past nine years. A large percentage of the videos playing on Billboards? (Although less of those lately, my time is more limited these days)  As well as a ton of work that you never get to see, player's personal projects, or professional projects. Side businesses and other stuff I try to help out with. Sometimes those out-of-game projects involve real money. Or I just do them for free. It depends. Charity work is always free.

In addition to that income stream, I also accept donations. Players donate things to the effort, to our AT runs, to events, and to the blog. As players go I am a very poor Pirate. Stay Frosty has no secure stream of in-game income. I don't skim off the top. If anything I donate most of my own income to the Corp and Alliance. I have shouldered that responsibility since day one and will continue to do so. But we have a lot of players in the Alliance that also donate and support our efforts. It is that kind of place.

So that's pretty much it really. If you are reading this and starting to think about a smart-ass comment about how much iskies I make - let me assure you the total is much, much less than you are imagining. My goal was never to get space rich and I have exceeded that goal for nine years. 

But I am always willing to accept donations. All of which will be undocked and used to create content in-game.

That is literally all I do.


  1. I just got caught up on this one and your last two blogs after a long work week and they hit the spot. Life and EVE can be simple. Keep on keeping on, Rixx.


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