Laser Tristan

Laser Tristan
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For no good reason tonight I fitted some lasers to a Tristan and went flying around with it. Mostly just for fun. Every once in awhile you have to shake things up and do goofy shit or you'll go mad. Mostly people just ran away and eventually I settled into a Novice Plex. Ships would come to the gate and then leave. But eventually an Imperial Navy Slicer warped into the plex. Sadly for him I was ready and my scram shut him down and my web made sure he wasn't going anywhere quickly. He almost killed me when I had to manually get into position, but once I built up some velocity and my repper started chewing down the damage - he exploded.

I may never get another kill with this freak of nature, but that fight made it worth doing. Good fight.

I named the Tristan "Facepalm" by the way. Seemed appropriate.


  1. Judge Sarn flies a laser Trisan all the time. He loves it.

    1. The fit I had saved was a pretty old one, I'm sure I've tried this before a few times. The Tristan is such a fun ship to fly.


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