New Art Prints & Event Updates

My days of trying to work with CCP to broaden the appeal of Eve to new audiences may be at an end, but that doesn't mean that I've stopped creating. Nor will I. Last weekend two of my posters arrived from the printers and we framed them and hung them on the walls in our recently renovated sunroom. They look awesome. And if you are planning to attend Steel City Eve III on July 21st at my house, you can see them for yourself.

Those are both movie poster sized prints (27"x40"), but we'll be handing out 11x17 versions of the Eve Anniversary illustration at SCEIII to everyone that attends. As well as other goodies. Just like every other year.

In 108 days we'll also be attending our first Eve Vegas! We also have several awesome swag ideas in the works for that event. So keep an eye open for more information on those as the date gets closer.

And next year, it looks like we'll be joining a bunch of Eve nerds for an Alaskan Cruise, which you can find out about on the forums HERE. At least we are planning to attend, I'm calling after this to reserve our place. But we have until March to make the final decision. And I've got work to do for that as well.

I'm busy with commissions, projects, AT practice, and a thousand other projects.  And our schedule is crammed full of future events and hanging out with our Eve friends. Hopefully we'll have the chance to meet many more of you at one of these soon.

Onward & Upward.