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You should be reading Eve Onion. I do.  Bookmark that sucker. Go on.

There are tons of great articles full of sarcasm and biting, sometimes bitter, commentary. It often makes the work I do here more difficult, but I honestly don't mind. I highly recommend the site and not only because I designed the new logo. But mostly because I designed the new logo. In other words, I'm a fan. And you should be also.

One of the best recent articles is called "CCP Introduces Brutal PvE Content to Drive PLEX Sales" and you really should go read it now. I wanted to talk briefly about this post because it involves me. First of all, it is brilliant and so close to being true that it stings just the right amount. Secondly it has been up for almost a month - which reminds me that it has been over a month since I wrote the post it is based on. 

Time flies when you are having fun.