Start the Hype Train!

A Band Apart: ATXVI Poster
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Time to start the HYPE Train! This year's Alliance Tournament is just around the corner and July 28th will be here before you know it. The brackets are out, the Flagships are announced, the teams are practicing (one would hope), and your friendly neighborhood underdogs are ready to rumble. This will be our fourth AT and our 11th place finish last year has given us some decent seeding this year, but make no mistake - we won't be taking anything for granite. Or granted.

Anything can and will happen. Lady Luck may or may not be on our side, the chips may fall where they may - who knows. All I do know is that we've been practicing hard for a long time, our team is experienced, prepared, and working like a well-oiled machine. I believe this is our strongest and best prepared team ever. So there is nothing to do now but make some really nice wallpapers!!

Fire up the engines! Let's get this HYPE Train rolling!


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