Updated ATXVI Wallpaper

ABA ATXVI wallpaper
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Can you believe we have 9 match victories in the Alliance Tournament now? That makes us 9-6 lifetime in the AT, which includes that goofy first year when we lost our first two matches. You gotta start somewhere. If you don't count that one, we are 9-4 in the last three Tournaments. Which is a much more fair way of looking at it. That first year we honestly had no clue what we were doing.

I hope I get to add some more flaming Alliance logos to this wallpaper. Five more would be just about perfect. In fact, it would be perfect. The easiest way to get through the AT is just to win every match. And while the matches only get more and more difficult as you move on, the odds get increasingly hard to ignore, you start bumping into other people's special AT ships, and the cost mounts in both material and human souls - the goal remains the same. To have fun. Which is always my own goal.

So we've won matches against Snuff, Shadow Cartel, Spectre Fleet, Volta, Hard Knocks, Slyce, Methodical, Fraternity and Centipede Calliphate. Which ain't a bad line-up, but if I'm being honest we've yet to beat what most might consider a big name. Like a Pandemic Legion, or Tuskers, or one of those legacy teams. Frankly, I'd prefer getting to the final weekend without having to face one of them. Luckily this year our seeding in the bottom of the bracket (thank you last year's 11th place finish!) has given us the softer underbelly of the tournament. And I mean no disparagement to those teams in our bracket, all good teams that could certainly knock us into the loser's bracket. But the tournament is certainly top heavy this year. I don't envy those teams.

Luck plays an important part in the AT every year. Some teams get lucky and some don't. The engagements often come down to a rock, paper, scissors moment that just can't be avoided. And sometimes you bring a Minnie Rush team to a BC Core match and get your ass handed to you. Shit happens. The best you can do is work hard to mitigate some of those problems and do your best. Let the chips fall where they may.

Which is what is so fun about the Alliance Tournament. Who knows what might happen next?

Not me. All I know for sure right now is that we have another match on Sunday that we need to win.

And that is all that really matters.

The rest is all hot air.