The New Stay Frosty

In a few weeks I'll be celebrating my 10th year of playing Eve. Over half of that time will have been spent as the CEO of Stay Frosty. As we came out of the recent Alliance Tournament it was time to throw some challenges at our leadership team and chart a new course for New Edens largest group of Yarrr Pirates.

Over the past few weeks we've been discussing what exactly those changes can or should be. We certainly don't want to lose the things that have made us successful, the casual attitude, the willingness to take any fight, and the love of low-sec space that make us so well-known in the space lanes. But every once in awhile you need to shake things up a bit to keep the Corp fresh and challenge your members, attract new members, and move in exciting new directions.

For one thing we will be closing the doors on our long-standing policy of Open Recruitment. Starting in September applicants to Stay Frosty will need to bring a minimum of 10m skill points to the Corp and have a somewhat indicative track record of combat on their killboard. (Subject to change or modification, this isn't final yet.) And be willing to talk to people. Which brings up a whole other important change we will be working on instituting in the coming months.

Awhile back we merged our TS and Slack servers into a new Discord server, which not only provides chat but comms in one package. I'm sure most of you reading this belong to at least one Discord channel. For Stay Frosty communication has been an on-going challenge since the very beginning. When we started our pilots were on comms all the time, or at least when in fleet, but over the years laziness and our natural solo inclinations have contributed to horrible comm doctrine. This is no one persons fault, some of it happened because some of our members are unable to talk on comms at all. In addition, a lot of us have children or families that often preclude talking to idiots on the internets. It happens. But we do need to work on changing that. And we will.

In the end most of this falls on my shoulders and I take full responsibility for it. In the coming months I'll be getting back to focusing on the things that I enjoy most about Eve. I'll be running more regular gangs with doctrine/comms on the weekends. We had a nice 2.5hr roam this past Saturday and I'd like to see us doing more of that on a regular basis. As always I'll continue to drive content and position Stay Frosty as a prime content creator engine in Low Sec.

So a couple of calls to action here. For Stay Frosty, if you've ever wanted to fly with Rixx and be a part of the fun now is the time to think about joining. We'll be ramping up the content for this Fall and preparing for another AT run next year. We're opening up additional areas of Low Sec and building a strong support network that helps keep the engine running. Join the EVEOGANDA channel in game, or put in an APP and ask to speak to a Director.

In addition to Stay Frosty, our Alliance A Band Apart is looking for new Corporations to join and help us all reach our goals. Corporations of 10+ members are eligible in all categories, we're looking for vibrant, growing, and active Corps in any playstyle area. We are especially looking for PvP oriented groups, but we're not limiting it. This is the first time in FOUR years that we've opened ABA to new Corporations, so this is new for us. In addition, in the past, we've only accepted groups that could bring something unique to the Alliance - that is no longer the case. Even Pirate corporations are welcome!

This is a new chapter in both Stay Frosty and ABA, consider being a part of it. You can be a huge part of our success.

Onward and Upward.


  1. Don't kick me out just yet, Rixx... I'm coming back soon(tm). And I'll be on comms too! :)

    1. Awesome. We really are trying to not kick anyone, but if the worst happens just join back up when you return.

  2. The Space Princess approves! (also looking forward to a fleet with Rixx)

  3. Ooh, that's all starting to sound a bit serious! ;-)

  4. Dang, guess that means I have to be on Discord. I hate Discord.

  5. Who cares about discord - DID ANYBODY SEE THAT FANTASTIC BANNER!!??


  6. Discord is great; these days, we use its comms feature for most of our fleets. It's just so easy :) Congrats on your corp and alliance longevity...curating your membership in the ways you plan to will likely only strengthen your community. Congrats and best of luck in all of it!


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