Condor Vs Daredevil

A simple story about a simple fight I had the other evening.

I logged in and decided to fit up a simple, cheap, dual-tanked rocket Condor and take a quick ride around the neighborhood with it. My chances of getting fights increases directly when I fly T1 Frigates, so why not. It certainly did not start out that way.

I spotted an Atron in a Novice Plex and warped in on it. They ran off as I landed. It happens. Even though an Atron vs Rocket Condor fight is pretty equal, some people just want to farm in peace. Fair enough. Except this exact same scenario happened another NINE times in a row in seven different systems. It would have been TEN, but that pilot was in an Incursus. Sigh. Things were looking extremely bleak.

And that's when I spotted the Daredevil on scan. It slid into the Novice just as I landed. Now I might be a super-aggressive pirate type-person but I also try not to be super-stoopid. More than likely this Daredevil would be blaster fitted and sitting pretty at zero if I was to take the gate. And my poor Condor would be toast, even with two tanks. So I did the smart thing and set-up on the outside of the gate and waited at my optimal. I figured he'd have second thoughts and warp off after he took time to look up my killboard. But instead he landed at the gate.

Fighting ensued. My Condor is set-up as a Scram Kiter, which means it typically operates right inside of scram range. To set this fight up however, I over-heated my scram to get the range at maximum. I also approached the target under manual control to try and optimize my angle of attack. He managed to get three solid volleys on my shields, which I was able to repair without using all of my cap charges. Then I had range, thanks to an over-heated prop mod. Which was a tricky thing given the power of a DDs web. So I had him scrammed and webbed, and he had me scrammed and webbed. Sadly for him, his Blasters were struggling to hit me at 8-9k, while my low-dps rockets had no trouble hitting him. He only managed to smack my shields once more and not enough to warrant using that last cap charge. The Daredevil exploded shortly.

Good fight. Taking down a Daredevil with a T1 Frigate is never a sure thing. But luckily he was sporting a MWD on a blaster boat. I know this is a bone of contention among many PvPers in Eve, but I personally don't believe in putting MWD on blaster ships smaller than a Cruiser or an AF in certain situations when flying solo. And this is a perfect example of why. If he'd have fitted a AB, especially a faction AB, he would have had a much better chance of winning that fight. As it was, his MWD was shutdown and useless the entire fight.

My Condor was not long for this world however. I spotted an Incursus shortly after the DD fight and engaged. I figured it'd be a long fight given the Incursus' likely tank. But no one else was in local, so I had the time. Everything was proceeding as planned when Devil's Tattoo pilot Jameson2011 entered local in a Comet. I made the decision then to stay and try to kill the Incursus before the Comet landed and killed me. Jameson asked in local if this was an agreed upon fight, so I figured that convo might give me a few extra seconds. Just as I noticed the Incursus was out of charges the Comet landed and caught me before I could make my escape. I guess he also decided to finish off the Incursus.

I named my Pod "Blobbed Again" as a joke. But I don't think he appreciated it.

That Condor lived only briefly, but its life was glorious.


  1. Those atron's are the farming ship de jour. They mostly run, but sometimes we catch then off guard.

  2. Taking down a DD with a condor is one sweet fight! Well done boss.


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