Seven Years Later

WARNING: This post contains personal, real life, honesty. It may be unsuitable for some readers. It has virtually nothing to do with Eve Online and is written for those readers who have shared my journey over the past decade. It contains Adult Situations.

On Monday I start a new job as VP of OBOT Marketing & Business Development for a large East Coast Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) company that operates clinics from Pennsylvania, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and other states. They called me a month or so ago and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. This came about because of the work I did prior to coming to my current employer, the company I worked for then was purchased by a much larger entity. That sale wouldn't have happened without the work I did the six months I was there.

And, believe it or not, they know this and appreciated it. Which is why I got the call and the incredible offer. After so many years of people I've helped in the past turning their backs on me, this was an unexpected and truly awesome change of fortune.

It is a rather perfect ending to the last seven years of chaos. And while we still have another year to go before that chapter is finally and forever put to rest, this is a significant step on that journey.

We've been through so much these past seven years. There were times when we weren't sure what would happen to us and our family. Times of desperation and near total panic. And while many people decided that attacking us, or accusing us, or throwing more negativity at us was the right thing to do - most of you stood by us. Especially two very important moments when we needed it the most. I promised then that I would never forget it. And I've kept that promise every single day since. We will never forget. Which is why I'm writing these words today.

You weren't wrong. We didn't scam anyone of anything. We worked our asses off. We faced our problems head on and worked hard to overcome each of them. Our family stood by us and did what they could to help. And so did you. I can't begin to tell you just how much that continues to mean to us.

So I just wanted to share our good news with you. And once again assure you that your trust was not misplaced. And to once again thank you for your help, your support, and your belief. There were many dark moments when, quite literally, all that kept us going was our Eve friends. Or an Eve event to look forward to. Or an Eve project that needed finished. Depression sucks hope. Having something to look forward to helps keep hope alive.

If you are reading this and know what I'm talking about - then thank you. If not, then let me just say this - tomorrow is always a new day.

Onward & Upward.

Keep the courage my friends.


  1. I've always believed (somewhat) in Karma, and following your journey has confirmed it. So glad things are looking up, m8!!!

    1. Karma makes sense when you think about it. At the very least the energy you put into the world is reflected back at you, I think everyone feels that in their lives. And thanks, me too!

  2. So glad things are going well for you two. It's been a pleasure getting to know you and hang out with you. The light at the end of the tunnel just might NOT be an oncoming train!

    1. Thank you my friend and likewise. I hope it isn't a train. I hope yours isn't another car coming to hit your 4Runner!

  3. So glad you and your family are doing well! Congrats on the new job!

    A wise man has said: The ones that possess a lot are not rich. The ones that give a lot are truly rich. And I felt it is true when the EVE Community provided help for you and your family.

    You are also rich, because you have given and keep giving so much to EVE and all the people around you.

    We are all rich in some way and I thank God every day for this.

    Have lovely holiday days!

    1. Looking at my comment and I do admit it is kinda weird. Hope it is all good.


  4. good Luck with the new job.

    Happy holidays Rixx o7


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