A Decade of Eve Logos

In the last ten years I've created an insane amount of things for the greater Eve Community, banners, sigs, wallpapers, and much more. Heck, I've even helped out on a bunch of business ventures, start-ups, software companies, and coffee shops over those years. The other night I was trying to find something and ended up organizing some new work into my running archive. That's when I noticed the logo folder has over 750 individual folders inside of it. All told those folders contain well over 1,400 individual logo projects that I've worked on since 2008.

That's insane. Now granted, not all of those are directly Eve related. Some are for those previously mentioned side-projects. But since they sprang from connections made within the Eve community I organize them along with the rest. And not all of those made it into the light of day. Sometimes an Alliance doesn't live long enough to need a logo! That has happened more than a few times over the years.

So I decided to compile a one-minute video showcasing the variety of logo designs that I've done over those years. Not the best ones, or the most popular, or anything like that, but a representative selection from history and from all the different corners. Alliance logos, charity logos, podcasts, forums, news sites, twitter, and every other place in-between and beyond. I also decided not to include anything real world, so none of those side project pieces. Or any of the CCP team logos, except for one with a monkey, and no joke logos - like Angry Drams. Only things directly tied to the Eve community.

PS: Please don't hit me up for logo requests. These days I am not looking for work. I still do commissions from time to time, but mostly for special events, player meets, charity, and other special projects. I'm out of the Alliance logo business these days.