4th Annual Steel City Eve

This year's collector edition posters
This Saturday will be the fourth annual Steel City Eve player event held each year at our house in Western Pennsylvania. Actually, the very first year we held it in a park. We were moving houses at the time and it made more sense to rent a building for the first one. But since then it has been held at our house each year.

Each year I create a special illustrated poster that I have printed and give to each attendee as thanks for them attending. We also throw in a whole bunch of other swag, it varies every year but in the past we've done shot glasses, coozies, stickers, pins, mouse pads, and various other items. It is just another way that we give back to this great community of ours. It is also a lot of fun and a great way to stay in touch with our friends, make new ones, and just hang out for an entire day together. And drink. A lot. Some years we've even had Alliance Tournament matches to watch or participate in. But not this year sadly.

If you are curious about it, here is a video I created for the Fanfest Home contest last year:

We are expecting somewhere between 30 and 40 Eve players to attend this year. I was supposed to keep track but somewhere along the way I lost track of everyone. It isn't easy when you are talking to people with email, Discord, Twitter, and everything else. But honestly the numbers don't matter, although more than 50 people would start to get extremely crowded and difficult to manage.

We are both very excited for this year's event and look forward to seeing our old friends again. This year we've got some very special guests coming down from Eve North and a visitor coming all the way from Las Vegas! And New Jersey, and Virginia, and Maryland, and New York, and who really knows where else? How awesome is that!

I'll post pictures and whatnot after the event. If you happen to want to attend there is still time. Visit the Eve Meet page and follow the instructions there.

If we don't see you this weekend, I hope we get a chance to meet at another Eve meet or at next year's Steel City Eve.

Stay Frosty my friends.


  1. Just found out about this today! I'll have to catch the next one, haven't been to a Meetup yet.

    1. I encourage you to attend, going to meets and meeting other players is one of the things that really brought Eve alive to me.


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