How to Fix WCS

Mr Mittens Wallpaper

I've been proposing a ban on Warp Core Stabilizers for a long time. I'm sure there are hundreds of players who have been proposing it longer than me, goodness knows that Falcon probably started thinking about banning WCS back in 2003. Regardless, I have also been doing doing it. And like those hundreds of other players I've appeared on Podcasts about it, made stickers, wallpapers, videos, had Fozzie make fun of me for it, and generally written thousands of words about it. Just like them.

In the end, I have a very simple, easy and quick fix that will make everyone happy. It is the same fix I proposed years and years ago.

There are two choices:

1) Just get rid of them. That's clean and it works great.

2) Keep them. Just make them different. When you fit them to your ship you are no longer able to lock anything. They still give you the same bonuses as now, so they will still be great for Transports and Moving Assets. But they will be completely useless when it comes to PvP or FW.

There. Done.