A Good Day

I had more time than usual to play Eve yesterday, so I figured I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. We've been having a friendly competition in Stay Frosty during July to see who could kill the most Jackdaws. Most of whom are bots. If you don't know already, Jackdaws are everywhere in Low Sec these days. It has become the go-to ship for running the non-FW plexes lately. It isn't unusual to see 2-6 Jackdaws on scan in any given system. They can be challenging to kill. Typically they are sitting 100-120k off the button and if there are still rats inside they will damp, web, and shoot you while you try to race towards the Jackdaw. Which is also loaded with ranged light missiles.

We did manage to kill 48 of them in July. Half using Garmurs and nine using a Taranis. So when I logged in I figured I would grab a Taranis and go Jackdaw hunting. Within the first 30 minutes I had three chances. I missed all three. Again, a combination of distance (In one instance I smacked right into an asteroid!) damps, and webs, made it challenging to catch them. Plus they tend to run away.

I jumped into another system and watched as a lone Vexor landed on the Gate with me. I burned back and jumped thru the Gate with it. Cloaked I watched as it warped off to a Medium Plex and I immediately went after it. I yelled at Ciba to come help, and he and our newest recruit Rhys raced to assist. Of course I landed before theVexor, set up to catch him, and sure enough I was calling "point". Our first catch of the day.  We dispersed and started chasing these AFs in local, soon enough Ciba called for help on an Ishkur he caught and we had our second kill already.

That was enough fun for awhile, so I took a break to get some work done. When I came back I undocked in the Ranis again - but noticed a Gnosis on scan. I quickly docked back up and grabbed my Stratios. He was in a belt ratting and I landed right on top of him. Lufax joined in with his Garmur and we made short work of his ship.

I decided to try the Jackdaw hunting again and grabbed my Taranis. A few jumps later I found a Caracal sitting in a Medium Plex all alone. I watched local for a bit to make sure he didn't have help. Eventually I decided to just go grab tackle and see what would happen. I fully expected this to be a trap bait, so Watson and Lufax were ready in Cruisers to help out. There had been a lot of local activity, two Vexors were around, so anything could happen. I fully expected the Caracal to be way off the button armed to the teeth with Rapid Lights ready to chew into me. Which he was, but sadly for him he was sitting right on the button and I got tackle instantly. I believe I could have solo'd him with my hardy little Super Atron, but share and share alike. So the Caracal died and no one came to help him. Sad face.

During the Caracal fight someone was asking in local to be podded over by the Sun. So after the fight I warped over and gave him a ride home on the PodExpress.

Time for another break.

By the time I got back I didn't have a lot of time. Had to take the kids out to an appointment, so I grabbed a Rifter and started hanging out in Novice plex. I even did the thing were I name the ship after the newbiest person in local. Just to be sneaky. About 11 different ships passed thru local in the first fifteen minutes and not one came to say Hello. I was getting frustrated, which is usually a sign that my risk taking tolerance (already legendary) is going to jump off the chart.

Which it did. I saw the Cormorant on d-scan and watched to see where it was headed. Sure enough, it landed on the only small plex in system. And so did I. I was super worried about attacking a Cormmie in my Rifter, but luckily I landed exactly where I wanted. Not exactly safe, but at the far edge of his potential blaster range. I took some damage, but he was the one that exploded.

And immediately I saw a Vexor on scan. I quickly d-scanned him at a belt and warped over to tackle him. My corp-mate Thane jumped into a Comet to assist but by the time he was ready I called him off. It was obvious by then that this Vexor was not going to be a problem. Thane landed to help with the loot and we waited for the victim to warp his pod out. I even said in local, "Dude, warp your pod out!" Nothing. So in true Pirate, Low Sec is dangerous, fashion - we podded him.

And that was the end of a rather good day in Eve.