The Eve Reavers Ship

Artist Unknown
Mike Azariah recently picked up on an older post I had made about the Anti-Marshall, or a ship that was hull bonused for negative sec status. I recommend reading his post and checking out the original post in the archives.

I think the concept of ships in Eve that derive their bonuses from other attributes has some merit. If the Marshall can impact Sec Status in a positive way, why not consider other hulls that do similar things? Perhaps we've unlocked a new path into New Eden that needs consideration. While I personally benefit from a negative sec status bonus ship, other players could benefit from additional attributes. How about in Faction Warfare a bonus derived from LP? Or system control? I don't want to completely go over ground that Mike discussed, but I think it is worth thinking about.

I wouldn't want this to get out of control. The thing about being -10 in Eve is just how difficult that decision makes everything else. It isn't an easy play style choice and maintaining it over the long haul is even more challenging. Granting bonuses based on that choice seems appropriate given what has been sacrificed to get there and maintain it. Eve is not built to support, in any way, a player that has committed to the -10 play style. Which is why the few of us who choose to live that way do it. There is nothing else like it in all of New Eden. And I know that statement will cause some people to freak out, but the only thing that even comes close is living inside of Wormholes.

I've also grown weary over the years of adding new things to the game. I'd much rather see more attention paid to established paths that need a lot of improvements. While I'd love to see an Anti-Marshall in Eve, I'd also be willing to give it up for UI improvements, or FW improvements, or some resources added to Low Sec, or some kind of WH improvements, or a hundred other things.

While this magazine is about my own journey in Eve I've always believed that whatever makes New Eden better, for all players, ultimately makes my own game better. I'm not selfish.

A spaceship that belches black smoke and is covered in fresh blood speaks to my Pirate soul however.