Guest Post: The Final Place

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Today we have a Guest Post from Stay Frosty pilot Thunderdomebaby


I have been a Capsuleer since 2006, with a rather long break in 2016, I returned early 2019 to the wonderful world of New Eden.

However, I found myself quite alone in space. My old corporation was just an empty shell of what it had been. Friends were gone, and I thought to myself “Is this it?” – Is this really the end of EVE for me?

Shortly thereafter I started looking around for news, and there was this one guy who kept popping up around the community. The self-proclaimed Pirate Lord of Low Sec. At first, I thought that he was probably just all talk, and no action. But something sparked my interest. Deep within my pod I heard, what can only be described as … a yarr?

Did I just hear that? Was it just my imagination?

Fast forward a few more months, and I decided to finally contact him directly, Rixx Javix – The Pirate lord of Low Sec. He immediately welcomed me into their comms, and told me what system they were based at.  I quickly took all the spare ammo I had and loaded the old trustworthy Comet and set the course for Ouelletta. What a weird bunch, I thought to myself, trying to navigate through Gallente space, avoiding the police. I did after all have a small bounty on my head and wasn’t that welcome in High Sec space.

It only took a few days for me to be accepted as a part of Stay Frosty. It seemed so odd. They were just so welcoming – so – friendly? Wasn’t this supposed to be the much-feared Pirate Lord and his gang of buccaneers?

Hours became days, and days became weeks. I mailed my sister, not that she would care, but I thought that it was a nice thing to tell her where I moved and what I was doing. After all, we did have some fun back in the day, hunting in Tama together. I didn’t really expect to hear from her, after all, we had lost contact during the last few years.

She had always been this goodie two-shoe, highly respected by the Caldari Navy – and she didn’t really approve of my career. Last thing I heard, she was working for the Corporate Police Force in Inaro, but that was years ago.

As time flew by, I started enjoying the pirates in Stay-Frosty. Even had a chat with the CEO of Lucifer’s Hammer – Starfire Dai. I’ve never met anyone that welcoming and heartwarming in New Eden. Must be an innocent little girl I thought. Now knowing what space was all about – hiding behind her asteroid.

A few weeks later I got a reply from my sister. Turns out, that she had also talked with Starfire Dai. My sister was stuck in a dead-end escort job for Rapid Assembly and was looking for new opportunities. I was told that she didn’t care much of my mail in the beginning, but then started looking into the alliance that Rixx had brought together – Vagrant Skies, the roaming corporation. Lucifer’s Hammer, the industry focused corp, making the foundation of New Eden. And not to forget Voodoo Children, who had started a base in Anoikis. Something was awakened inside her. A sudden flow of blood to her veins. What was that?

Star contacted me again – and started interrogating me. Turns out she wasn’t a sweet little girl after all. She wanted to know everything, and I mean everything. To this day I still don’t know how the devil she discovered who my father was. We were always so careful when we communicated? A veteran of the Caldari Navy couldn’t be seen dealing with a pirate like me. But Star knew. How? It seemed like she had eyes and ears all over the entire galaxy – and beyond.

I didn’t have anything to hide from my new band of brothers, so I came forward and told her what she wanted to know. I decided to come clean, it seemed that I could trust her. So I told her about my family, and my heritage – and hatred for the Gallente Federation. That’s when she went all silent. Days went by, and I didn’t hear from her.

About a week later I got the message.

My father had joined Lucifer’s Hammer and was now based in Atreen, he had already moved the first 3 loads with his old Providence class freighter. He sent me an image of one of the largest mining fleets I’ve seen. Three orcas, and a dozen of exhumers mining off one of LH’s structures.

My sister also joined Lucifer’s Hammer, now located somewhere deep in the Anoikis galaxy, in a wormhole system they call their own. Flying around in cloaked ships, protecting what is theirs. A job made for her – fighting a common enemy, where CONCORD and the Caldari Navy can’t see what she’s doing. I knew she had it in her. Daughters of a war hero. We were born to fight.

All was bliss, I really enjoyed flying in Ouelletta – even though it was a few close calls for my pod here and there, but I learned like I never did before! The veterans were never angry when I lost a ship, instead, they tried to teach me what went wrong, and what to improve for the next setup.

Was this the long-lost family I’ve been looking for all those years? 
Have I found the right place to live in New Eden now?
Have I finally won EVE?

Two months later, an urgent message comes from Rixx. Call to arms, a former member of the alliance had been playing a little Grand Theft Spacestructure, and now was the time for revenge.

From the outlawed Ouelletta.
From the depths of Anoikis.
From the foundries in Atreen.
We all joined forces. The family was complete again.

It lies within our blood. Fighting, defeating the common enemy. Protecting the family. A Band Apart – but all together. After 13 years as a Capsuleer, I have finally found my resting place. Whether it’s the never-ending veldspar roids, ransoming innocent pilots, or exploring the vast unknown. This is the place we all belong.

This is the final place for me. For us. The biggest, weirdest, most loving space family one could ever wish for.

To all Capsuleers in New Eden, new or old. This is truly an alliance who flies the Friendship.

A Band Apart!


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