Pilot's License

If you are attending Eve Vegas this weekend be sure to pick up your Pilot's License with a donation to Able Gamers! And if you are not attending find someone to pick yours up for you! These two-sided hard plastic lanyard pieces are a great idea for every Eve player to own and each one helps support a great charity.

Earlier this year when we were in Alaska Greygal hit me up with the idea for these and working together I managed to design and write the copy for the front and backs, we worked hard to keep them as "in-game" as possible. I won't spoil the back design yet, we should keep some things secret until people start getting these this week. I believe Greygal and Carbon pre-made badges for all attendees, but they also have the ability to print on-demand at the venue. (I believe this is the case, but I may be wrong, so don't hold it against me.) In addition I think they have other surprises available for donations, like avatar and warp to the dance floor buttons.

I wasn't able to get anything together for the Silent Auction this year, frankly based on what happened last year I wasn't terribly motivated, but I was happy to be able to help out this way instead.

My fingers are crossed that a Rixx Javix badge will be headed my way once this is all over, but until then be sure to pick yours up or have someone do it for you.

Keep the courage.