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Daredevil Watercolor
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Yesterday I took one of my Daredevils out for a spin and managed to get into a fight, on the way back she managed to land in amongst these incredible Nebula. I admit I was inspired. But I also wanted to challenge myself, yet again, into trying something new and something bold. So I spent the next few hours working on perfecting a brand new look, something never seen before. Yeah well that is easier said than done. And after many false starts and roads that ended in hilarity, I finally managed to achieve something that looked... to be fair, pretty weird.

But then inspiration hit and the weird started making sense if I looked at it like a watercolor painting. With that in mind I finally had the connections that made the process work. I even added watercolor paper texture to the process and things started looking really good. The result is a digital watercolor process that involved about four hours of building a custom HDR color correction setting which happens after a 12-step color correction process involving Levels, Curves, and a few other things depending on the image. Even after all of that, the image needs merged with the hi-res watercolor paper texture, then final subtle color corrections are made. And then finally, the last step which I will label as "magic". Us artists have to keep some things secret.

I'm anxious to try this process on a real world landscape and see how it works.

In the meantime, enjoy the new Wallpapers!


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