The Rixx Store

If you are looking for Eve related merchandise for this upcoming Holiday season then head on over to the Rixx Store!

The store is celebrating its third year of providing non-IP "Eve Themed" Gear, t-shirts, mugs, placemats, phone cases, pillows, clocks, and much, much more. And while CCP remains stubborn about the concept of Limited Licensing Agreements, I do my best to provide community themes, Alliance, and related subjects of all kinds. Not just Eve either, in fact you'll find a lot of Geek and Gamer based gear as well. So be sure to check it out.

I add new stuff every week.

Like this "When in Doubt Dock Up" design.

Or this "1v1 At The Sun" design.

Or this fun (only we'll know) "Let's Meet At The Sun" design.

All of which got added just this week. And I've got more new designs in the pipeline, so be sure to bookmark the store and check back often.

The great thing about RedBubble is they will ship all over the world for a fair rate. I've had buyers from all over the world, Australia, Russia, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Singapore, and more. Hundreds of items sold without problems. Just last week someone got the wrong sized shirt in the mail and RedBubble took care of that without any issues. So you can buy in confidence knowing that hundreds of people already have.

Be sure to gear up for the Holidays, for that next Eve player meet, or just to impress your friends.

Stay Frosty.