1v1 Eve Comic #93

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  1. Hey there!! Watch it! As I understand it Mr. Pirate King of Lowsex. Well versed you may be in all things Empire, Lo and Null but you just tread real careful 'round my beloved Anoikis... Wormhole Space... Negative Sec.

    We LIVE there and we dunt unnerstan it... nope not nary a'tall... but loves it we do we do!! Mos' dangerous space in or out of all of New Eden!!

    Nice comic bro... =]

    1. Total respect from me to anyone that chooses WH life.

    2. I know, was just messin with ya... I like the comic and all the great work you do. Kudos man.

      I been livin almost exclusively in hole since 6 months ingame... that near 8.5 years now... With, of course, a Hisuc hiatus here n there after evictions etc. We (NOMEX) lost our Keepstar recently... and that shit don't buff out. =]

    3. We just recently had a big fight over one of our holes, and we continue to have both homes and interesting times in them. I've enjoyed my experiences in them over the years, although I've never been tempted to live in one. Not yet anyway.


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