Avenod Fight

Friday ABA formed up and headed to Avenod to defend an Astrahus we planted there last Summer for our Summer Camp. This Astra was in the process of being decommissioned when it was attacked in low power mode last week. We could have left it to die, it was half-fitted and missing fighters already, but instead we decided to bring a solid fleet to defend it.

We brought a Brutix core fleet with Astarte links and 6 Guardians along for logistics, along with support. As usual in Eve you just never know what you are going to get once the fight starts. The enemy came with a Thanny/Apostle with Leshaks and Rattlesnake support to start with, but the situation on the ground just kept getting more confusing. A Gnosis fleet came in. And then our friends in Shadow Cartel showed up to assist with a bomber wing. Which was very welcomed.

You can watch Devlin's video above and get a good sense of what was happening. All in all I thought we did extremely well until their support Leshak fleet came in towards the end. That certainly tipped the scales in their favor and then the Astra finally had enough and exploded.

You can read and watch an account from the other side over on Reddit here.

Good fight.