Eve Art Repository

"The Patrol" Mural which is on a wall somewhere at CCP HQ (I'm not allowed to see it, so who knows)

Against the advice of my own brain, I've recently started posting on r/eve again. I took a two year break from even visiting Reddit and for good reasons. For a long time there I couldn't even post a comment without getting hammered, threatened, abused, and otherwise negatively attacked. I was personally DOX'd several times on Reddit, my personal and private information being slung across the internet by several dedicated individuals. So it was only natural that I stayed away.

Special shout out to the Moderators who quickly helped squash those efforts back in the day. You know who you are. Thank you.

However, given some recent water testing, it seems that my posts are no longer being summarily attacked for no reason. So I've quietly been sharing my work with a new audience. We'll see how it goes, I'm obviously prepared for the worst. But I think it is worth the risk to introduce my work to a wider audience. After 11+ years of doing this it is amazing to me that, in many corners, my work is unknown. Time is the enemy. And it keeps marching on.

Out here in real life I've started reminding people of my real world work over on LinkedIn. A good friend of mine told me on the phone the other day that he didn't even know I worked on a certain well-known project. So it happens in real life as well. I know that over the years I've annoyed some people with my advocacy, my soapbox, but if I've learned one thing in my life it is this - if you don't stand up for yourself no one else will. And for a creative the pressure is even more pronounced, if we don't advocate for our own work - who will?

And so, with that in mind, I'd like to point my dear readers to my Flickr portfolio. There are over 1,600 pieces there primarily Eve Online related.

Explore, enjoy, share.

Onward & Upward.