Fanfest 2020 Missing Art

Megamess Illustration
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As we all know, Fanfest 2020 was cancelled due to concerns regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Concerns that became real in the weeks following the announcement of the cancellation. While this decision was certainly the right one, it did impact plans that myself, Razorien, and JakeMeister had for several original art pieces.

You might remember that back during Eve Amsterdam last year that I created a very special illustration for CCP Guard in honor of all his outstanding years of service to our great community. Sadly, that piece (signed by many of those in attendance) was lost/stolen/misplaced and he was not able to take it home with him. Part of our goal this year was to replace that piece as well and get it into his hands at Fanfest.

CCP Guard Rock God Poster
The CCP Guard piece from Eve Amsterdam

In the months since Eve Amsterdam, CCP Falcon also left us. So I decided to do a special piece featuring one of Paul's favorite spaceships - the Megathron. This would have been printed on canvas and presented to him in person, as well as being available for purchase at the Charity Auction.

I really went way out of my comfort zone on this piece and tried to capture the multiple sides of not only the Megathron (which is also one of my favorite ships) but of Paul as well. I put a good 40-50 hours into this piece and re-did it from scratch multiple times. Even the color scheme was very specific to Paul. This was a tough illustration for me and it really pushed me not only to the edge but also taught me new things, which I'm sure he will appreciate given our own history.

In addition to myself, my good friend Razorien also prepared new art pieces for Fanfest and the Charity Auction. You can read his own account and see examples of his work over at this link.

While we both work in completely different ways, styles and techniques I can tell you that massive cyno piece would have been very tempting to me during the charity auction!

Next time. o7