Just Another Bully

I haven't posted in a few days because a lot has been happening and I wanted to make sure what was going on before writing about it. I don't follow Eve politics like I used to before WWB, so I'm not up on all the complicated backstory behind every Alliance in the game. Mostly because it doesn't matter to the Pirate Lord. We undock, we shoot things, we steal their loot and we buy more ships to do it again tomorrow.

Here's what I do know for sure:

Back on April 2 I exploded a Venture Cyno outside my station. Which is what happens when I undock and there is one sitting there. The dude went ballistic in local and ranted on and on for about 45 minutes. We had some fun with it as you do.

• That dude's Corp/Alliance (which is an INIT pet) dropped an Astra outside our home station right after DT last Monday.

• Also around that same time Snuff moves a literal shit ton of Dreads in the system next door to us. We suspect at the time that this is in response to a defense fleet we fielded the week before that had 2 Fax and a couple of carriers in it.

• I discover that an old "friend" of mine (I won't be sharing his name) has recently joined Snuff. This person is holding a grudge about something that happened almost a decade ago. Back in December, after he ranted about it in local, I even wrote him an email to try and patch things up. He has posted that email in his bio. Apparently he hasn't moved on. This is what happens boys and girls when you dishonor a 1v1, it will haunt you for a decade! True story.

• Last week Snuff attacked our Athanor. At one point we threw about 30 gank Catalyst/Coercers at them for fun. Snuff does not like fun. So Friday I organized a response fleet for the hull timer. Sadly it was a late timer, but I managed to organize a 200 pilot fleet consisting of our friends in Hobos, The Russia and associated Corporations, plus a nice back-up fleet from Pandemic Horde. Despite what Snuff is spinning over on Reddit, they brought a Revelation and Fax among a large support fleet of Machs/Vindicators/ECM/links/support with them. We had Tempests. PH had Ferox. (And because of bad wormhole rolls PH arrived about ten minutes too late) We did our best but frankly we got slaughtered. At the end Snuff had 2 Fax and 5 Revelations on field, with at least another 30 on-line in the system next door.

This is who we are talking about.

So we waited to see if the Athanor would be the end of it. It isn't of course. This morning a Snuff fleet and yet another Revelation reinforced another of our structures, this time the Hat Emporium. So just know that Hat production will be temporarily suspended for the time being. Apparently Snuff no like hats.

Thing is - we fly solo and small gang. Yes we have a nice collection of bigger stuff we keep on hand for defense, but it isn't intended to go up against those kind of numbers. Mostly our Caps are for show, gunboat diplomacy, and to keep equal or smaller groups from thinking they can run us over. In cases like this, we really only have one choice. And our choice is not to play.

So we'll just go about our regular business and ignore the Bully.

Over the past seven years a lot of bullies have made the mistake of thinking they could destroy us. It is a long list. But you can't destroy 300 people in frigates. They're annoying, they're fast, and most importantly they are super cheap. You can buy a lot of Frigates for the cost of one Revelation.

Semper liberi pirata!