My Son and Eve

Long time readers will already know this, but newer readers may not know that I started playing Eve Online because of my Son. Way back in 2008 he was almost 14 years old and had just moved in with me full-time during the divorce. Eve became our shared experience and a journey that helped us grow closer during a challenging time in both of our lives. This is one of the major reasons why Eve became so important to me personally over the years.

This is the episode of my podcast After Hours when we both sat down to discuss our journey in Eve Online together. I've shared it before back when it was recorded, but I thought I'd share it again now. I'm making all episodes of the podcast available over on my YouTube channel. Plus, with all of us staying home more than ever now - I thought it might also serve as inspiration to other Fathers and Sons out there, trying to find something to share together.

And we can all use a little more of that right now.