Pandemic & Spaceships

Coronavirus: Stay In Fleet Wallpaper

This morning I sent out an Alliance wide message regarding the impact that the Coronavirus and unrest have had around the globe. My message was simple - Eve is not a priority right now. Do whatever you have to do to keep yourself, your family, and those close to you safe and provided for. Our Alliance, and Eve, will be here when you have time. Real life, now more than ever, is more important than internet spaceships.

The second part of my message was, I think, just as important. Stay connected to your Alliance friends on Discord and on other platforms. You are not alone and your spaceship family is here for you if you need to share, talk, or just share jokes and memes. I don't want anyone in our Alliance, or in the greater Eve community, to feel isolated or alone. Whatever else happens in our lives we all share one very important and ever-lasting connection - this crazy game of ours. And that will never change.

This year is nuts. I know from my own perspective that the things I was looking forward to this year - traveling to Iceland for Fanfest, traveling with Eve nerds and my family to the Baltic, Eve North, Eve New Orleans, Steel City Eve - all have been swept away. That's devastating. Add to that the continued worry about the virus, the state of the world, our insane leadership, and the stresses of jobs, not seeing family, being trapped (in so many ways) - this is a challenging time for all of us.

So just be aware that your friends and foes are feeling it as well. Be as supportive as you can be. Understanding and empathy go a long way.

That's all. That's not just a message to my Alliance, but a message to all of us.

This is one fight we can't win solo. We need each other.


  1. Thanks for that.
    It reminded me of last summer during the null sec blackout how the Imperium created local channels of communication using Jabber because so many felt isolated in the midst of a large alliance occupying all of Delve. 😢

  2. o7 Rixx

    I don't know about anyone else, but EVE for sure is helping me through these dark times in the sense it's still keeping me connected somewhat to civilization while at the same time keeping myself and others safe (to prevent being infected and infecting others if I do).

    EVE is also greatly helping me with my depression, which has been somewhat more of late due to what is currently going on and how it is affecting me. Even before all this stuff happened, EVE was helping me cope.

    I am pleased to have so many space friends.


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