Corp Thief

As I always do, as a public service announcement, I would like to introduce you to Zarppe. Zarppe was inactive in Eve Online for a long time and recently came back and decided to steal everything from the Stay Frosty corporate hangars. Such an action is in violation of the Stay Frosty Code and results in immediately being kicked and set Red to Stay Frosty and ABA. Zarppe. I want to keep mentioning his name so Google grabs it.

For those of you who don't know how Stay Frosty operates, let me explain a bit. When you join the corporation you have a 30 day trial period called "Chiller" in which we see if you will be active, participate, and join our Discord. Those that do not never transition into full Frostian membership. This process was instituted years ago after a rash of corp robberies back when we had open recruitment. 

It has been almost three full years since our last corp theft. So the new process works pretty well. The only difference between Chiller and Frostian is access to the Corp Hangars. And why is that important? Well our Corp Hangars are open to all Frosty pilots and generally contain loot, free ships, T1 mods, ammo, drones, and other items that are shared freely with all pilots. We have a section of the hangars which is only accessed by Directors in which I place all the fitted ships, T2 mods, doctrine stuff, and other items of importance. That way, when needed, a Director can hand them out.

Earlier this year we held our Frigate Free For All. And because of that event the corp hangars were much fuller than normal. This is what Zarppe exploited. It's frustrating to be able to see all of those ships and mods just sitting in his personal hangar and not be able to get them back.

Oh well. It's all more content for us. And, as promised, here he is being reported for eternity on my blog.

And now he is red to the most active group of Pirates in all of New Eden. Good luck with that.


  1. Zarppe, wanted for corp theft. Zarppe, wanted for being an asswipe. Zarppe, wanted for ruining the fun of new Frostians. (Of which I am not one. Hell, I'm not even a member of Stay Frosty. I think that should be fixed. Maybe one day.)

    Hey Google, find Zarppe.


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