New Partnership Program


CCP has finally unveiled their brand spanking new Partnership Program and it is rather great.

I know I've already applied, even after I mistakenly hit the enter key half-way through the application. If you are a Streamer, Blogger, Video Maker, or whatever you should consider applying to become a partner. I've been a part of the old system now for over a decade and I'm really hoping I can be a part of this new program.

The old program always showed a lot of promise, but that promise never evolved into anything substantial. Don't get me wrong, having my Eve account paid for has been great. I've always felt rather obligated to give back more than I received from that concept and I like to think that I always have. Both in-game and out of game. And, more than once, that monthly gift has kept me playing when other circumstances might have meant otherwise. More than a few times.

It looks like the new program offers more robust rewards including game time, skins, channels, and communications between creators and CCP. That would be incredible and a welcome addition. Especially for younger creators or those thinking about getting started. It should provide enough incentive to help push some people to become even more involved. Which is a great thing.

All in all I'm excited about it. We've been teased enough over the years and it's great to finally see it come to fruition. Special thanks are due to CCP Aurora from what CCP Dopamine said earlier on Tweetfleet. So special thanks to her for helping make this a reality.

Now to see if my application gets accepted. Gulp.


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