The New Eden Fantasy Map


It's finished. And now you can download your own copy for FREE! Although before you do that just let me mention that Ithica Hawk is accepting donations for doing so at if you are so inclined. And I encourage you to do so, this project was a lot of work and he certainly deserves a tip for taking it on. I suspect he'll probably be donating any proceeds to the Icelandic Red Cross or something equally worthwhile. But tip or not, you can download several versions of the final map now:

The Print Quality Poster

You can download a print quality 18x24" 300dpi version by clicking on this link. This is a larger file that you could take to any local or on-line printer and have a poster of your own printed for your wall.

A Preview Color Copy

This is the same file as above, but at a smaller 72dpi screen resolution for desktop or reference use.

Original Black and White Version

And this is a print quality Black and White version without all that needless and amazing color work that I messed it up with!  Seriously though, this is also cool and worthy of the completist collection.

We wanted to get this project finished and out to the community before Christmas and we just managed it. Thanks to Ithica for allowing me the chance to work on this project with him, it was a great collaboration and I'm truly pleased with how well it came out.

Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope you and yours are staying safe this holiday season and that you will enjoy this very unique take on New Eden.



  1. I've just spent a good half hour scrutinizing this map and it seems quite legit.

    A few details are slightly off (I think; though I suspect those were intended artistic choices), some places of note seem to be missing (but, then again, as a care bear I might find certain locations more important than most), and three locations have exceedingly silly names (the Hurr & Durr islands, together with the Meme Lagoon).

    Really, my only legitimate criticism is the lack of a legend that explains all the symbols used, though they're pretty intuitive for anyone that know their EvE lore/memes - however, less so for those that don't know a thing about EvE, which may be relevant in my case, given what I want to use it for.

    To be more clear, I grabbed a copy to perhaps use in my D&D 5e campaign. It would certainly make naming leaders, famous events, and in general worldbuilding quite easy. It helps that I have a layman's understanding of EvE lore.

    What's really odd is that this page only had other comment - in 1.5 years. You'd think this would be worth an article on one of the many EvE-based online newspapers and surely would drive more than a few people here. Alas, this seems to be a relatively unknown gem. Still, a gem it is and might be a useful one to myself, if I actually end up using it (I have a few other maps already in mind for my DnD game, but it might run for years, so this could come in handy down the line).

    In any case, I thank Ithica Hawk for this wonderful creation.
    All the best from Romania.


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